100 Doors 2013 Walkthrough Level 51 52 53 54 55 56

Update 100 doors 2013 walkthrough for the last 6 level available. this level is not too difficult and we can solve each level less than 30 second that’s makes we addicted to play more level in this game, i know a lot gamers will be frustrated if they can’t get the clue from this game, but since this game update still possible to solve lot of android user download 100 doors 2013 update level.

Level 51: tap key remember the column and row when the key move : 16 25 45 32

Level 52: Tilt your phone upside down and then shake it, key will fall pick up key move the ladder than use key to open door

Level 53: turn your phone upside down then tap box start from 1 to 9, see preview above

Level 54: tap conblock beside door equate with the building height, then count the conblock: 22 tap green button, tap conblock to equate with building height again then count conblock: 27, tap green button, tap conblock to equate with building height again then count conblock: 24, and the answer is 222724.

Level 55: look at the number diagonally from right to left you will get the answer 53124.

Level 56: each square have a number start from 1 to 64, the key is number at column and row b4 f3 e6 d7, and the answer is 26224552.

Want to play more level? wait for the 100 doors 2013 update level in next few days. while waiting for updates I suggest you try the game doors & rooms, this good puzzle game available for iOS and android platform.

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