100 Doors 2013 Walkthrough Level 46 47 48 49 50

Still waiting for 100 doors 2013 updates? now we reach level 50, in this several level we need more time to complete because this game is getting difficult, not like earlier level that we can complete less than 30 second on each level, but now we can’t do it faster, sometimes we ask hint/clue with other player on Facebook. Gipnetix the developer of this game will create official 100 doors 2013 guide, may be it’s because some level have bug, or impossible for us to solve

Level 46: pick up ball, put on the bottom square tap green button, put ball on the square again then turn your phone upside down and tilt right

Level 47: you must make the scale balance, put object with letter A on the left and B on the right.

Level 48: change the right images, see clue above: earth  shape, earth rotation, i have no idea in row three just guessing, moon.

Level 49: see clue on the floor follow direction, this level have many answer and this is one of it, tap start from A to I.

Level 50: tap square which have same symbol to make it disappear, see preview above square with same symbol marked with same color, there’s bug on this level tap square twice then it will disappear :D.

Want more walkthrough? bookmark www.levelstuck.com we will update new walkthrough in several hour.

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