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Update 100 Doors 2013 Walkthrough for level 11 to 20, we are very enjoying with this game and complete 23 level but still make us addicted to play more and more level. 100 doors 2013 available at Google play market for free so you can immediately download from your android tablet/phone if you not have it. if you like to play game like escapers, rooms and other puzzle game i guarantee you will love this game too.

Level 11: clue count angle that measure 90 degrees, we found 4213 use this number to open door

Level 12: Tilt phone left pick up stone, use it to break glass. use code 7834 to open door

Level 13: pick up ice mold, fill with water. tap ice mold then tap 0

Level 14: slide left stone up and right stone down

Level 15: tap the button start from 1 to 11

Level 16: turn phone upside down chandelier and key will fall pick up key use to open door

Level 17: Pick up bottle at shelf put in the bowl above door repeat this 4 time, snake will going forward, see number at snake body use to open door 7911.

Level 18: Turn phone upside down then slide two circle down at same time

Level 19: tap the ball set the position like picture above, follow clue on the floor

Level 20: Turn wheel using left or right arrow, tap green button when it point to 1, 3, 6 and 8


That’s the 100 doors 2013 solution for level 11 to 20, we will continue update this walkthrough in next few hour, bookmark our website or share this walkthrough with your friends to help us grow up, Thank you..

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