100 Doors 2013 Level 96 97 98 99 100

100 doors 2013 walkthrough for last five level, but this game developer said at Facebook that they will add more 150 level so the total will be 250 level, may be after level 100 this game will be changed become 250 doors 2013, visit official Facebook for 100 doors 2013 here: http://facebook.com/100doors2013 and and you can chat with other player or discuss with the game developer.

Level 96: tap green arrow until you see triangle square and circle, now count all triangle (16, and square (12) and circle (8) use 16128 to open door.

Level 97: pick up fly swatter, use it to hit mosquito when flying near wall, until you can see number 32 17 96, use this number to open door.

Level 98: in this level you must tap the old logo and new logo, to make it simple we already change same logo with same color, just tap the same color.

Level 99: tap right volume indicator then hold power button until you can hear sound, then reduce volume.

Level 100: tap rectangle and circle to make word DOOR

D = circle circle circle rectangle rectangle rectangle
O = circle rectangle rectangle rectangle rectangle rectangle
R = rectangle rectangle rectangle rectangle rectangle circle


Complete 100 doors 2013 solution from level 1 to 100 done, use search form to find other level walkthrough.

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