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Stuck with 100 doors 2 beta? don’t worry use this walkthrough to complete more than 50 level in this game, we know not all player expert with puzzles game especially if you new android user and accidentally download this game because your friend / brother play it. Now you can solve this game and share your result with your brother or sister, did you feel this game too difficult? it’s because you never play game similar with this now if you often try brain teaser and puzzles game next time if you found another game you will easily solve it.

level 41. to arrange this number from 1 to 15 you must start from 1 ( top left ) then continue with next number ( every device got different scramble).

level 42. move green diamond to left holder.

level 43. tilt android to point red arrow to S-E-S-E-S-W-S-E-S tap red arrow in every time you can point the letter).

level 44. shake your android to make screwdriver fall then use to open electricity panel and cut the wire then slide bar.

level 45. tap number 4 and hold, pick up battery and insert to the robot then slide it right now insert number 5134.

level 46. open cabinet under projector pick up and put the film roll to projector, slide the Mercedes poster up and tap red button code 5137.

level 47. pick up fire extinguisher open refrigerator pick up ice and put above stove, tap stove then use fire extinguisher to spray key then use it.

level 48. pick up stone then use catapult to shoot all vase then pick up the key.

level 49. pick up pliers and saw, use saw to cut pipe then use pliers to make hook, cut again using saw then pick up hook use hook to pick up rope, tap red button and use hook to pull the room.

level 50. move green button to A = 7 and B = 2, tap white arrow and move button again A = 3 and B = 4, tap white arrow once again then move the button A = 5 and B =2 now do the math 2+7 3*4 5-2 = 9 12 3, key code is 9123.

100 doors 2 beta have very good rating at the google play but i don’t know why only 5000 android user download this game into their Smartphone. So if you think this is a good game we hope you can ask other player to download and play this game, if more player play this game developer will be happy and they will add more level into 100 doors 2 ( i hope so ).

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