100 Doors 2 Beta Level 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60

Finally we can solve 100 doors 2 beta level 51 after waiting few days to solve this level today we get the latest update, yes this level has a bug and the developer just fix this, so if you cannot solve this level because your game not updated you can skip to next level, but we wont skip this level so we wait until the game fixed and today we  want to share 10 walkthrough for level 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60, other level is easy to solve except level 51, thanks to sulthan sirajudeen that help us to solve level 51, you’re awesome.

level 51. count wood between black paint then combine with number on the floor 16 25, use this code to open num lock.

level 52. tap square and avoid bomb, repeat several times to remember bomb location.

level 53. tap left floor to get prism, put prism above stone button, rearrange the stone button same with clue from prism.

level 54. tap left and right button and make blue wire cover red wire.

level 55. pick up star wars sword, then put at the right panel / charger, pick up sword then use to cut crystal, put crystal at the panel / charger.

level 56. put android on a desk then tap all fan to make it spin.

level 57. pick up ice breaker use to break ice then put in the bucket, use bucket at the fireplace (flush) wait Santa give you present ( key ).

level 58. pick up bricks use to hit guard 1 time, then open right cabinet and pick up key, hit guard once again then open door using key.

level 59. tap cart handle twice, pick up pickaxe and use to dig blue stone, tap handle twice to get a key, tap handle then open padlock.

level 60. tap left and right headstone until number lock appear then count age in each headstone 33 81 use this code at num lock.

Actually there’s 15 more level available to play in 100 doors 2 beta but we want you to try it first before using a cheats or walkthrough to win the game, so we will post the cheats for 100 doors 2 level 61 – 75 in other post just bookmark this website and come back when you already try the next level, so will not loss the fun when solve a puzzles game.

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