100 Crypts Walkthrough Level 53 54 55 56 57 58

This is the new 100 crypts update level, there’s 6 new level added today we have complete this level in few hours after update, i guess lot of player will stuck at level 57 because if you don’t know about musical instruments will be confused when set number position.

Level 53:press button using ball, right button 2 times, left button 2 times, right button 2 times, left button 1 time, right button 1 time, tilt phone to move ball.

Level 54: move arrow to right color blue, green, yellow and red

Level 55: change color into a checkerboard patterns, see preview above.

Level 56: tap this object guitar, horse, bulb, paint brush, sun, and sand clock.

Level 57: count each note rotation then match with musical instruments the right answer is 9864.

Level 58: match each wheel direction with black arrow on the door.

Level 59: tap button start from green, yellow, blue, red, blue, yellow, green.

Level 60: start from left 4 skull, 5 skull, 3 skull, 6 skull.

We want play more level but, in this update 100 Crypts only add 6 puzzles so we must wait 6-7 days to play another challenging puzzles. If you having difficulties to get solution with this game please send us message at our Facebook page.

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