1 Clip 1 Song Answers Level 1 to 20

1 clip 1 song answers for level 1 to 20 a new song title guessing game for iphone, ipad and ipod and this is a free game just like icon pop song or popsong free, if you are singer or musician we suggest you try this game and testing your song knowledge and when you stuck at some level you can use this cheats to help you answers and continue playing.

1 : bad day2 : baby one more time3 : poker face4 : stronger
5 : i’m yours6 : nothin on you7 : we found love8 : dynamite
9 : i gotta feeling10 : one thing11 : give me love12 : one more night
13 : paparazzi14 : whistle15 : party rock anthem16 : impossible
17 : boyfriend18 : moves like jagger19 : treasure20 : this is love

This 1 clip 1 song cheats only for first 20 level, but i guess you still can solve this game using scrabble solver, wordsolver or anagramer apps or you can visit our facebook fanpage and ask our team to solve a difficult song title by uploading a screenshot.

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