Affordable MetroPCS Android Phones

As one of the largest phone carrier, metro paces the fifth largest phone carrier in the USA who covers about 90 percent of the USA debuted the first 4G LTE android phone back on last year. The first 4G LTE android phone that they debut is none other than Samsung galaxy indulge, the phone that operates in popular Google android operating system. Samsung galaxy indulge is the first relevant metropcs android phone that they debuted in the early last year. At the first time this phone goes on sale, this 4G LTE android Smartphone offer a price around 9 that comes without any contract.

Affordable MetroPCS Android Phones

    This Samsung galaxy indulge is actually the metro pcs version of the popular Samsung Galaxy S android phones. As the version of metro pcs android phone, Samsung galaxy indulge have a bit different specifications from the original Samsung galaxy S, one of the most apparent difference is the display of the phone. For Samsung galaxy indulge metro pcs decide to for a 3.5 inch TFT LCD instead of using the 4 inch super amoled display, they do not do this for no reason, because the main reason they opted to use the different display is to cut the production cost of the phone. It is generally known by the public that the Samsung galaxy S price is higher than Samsung galaxy indulge that metropcs offer.

Affordable MetroPCS Android Phones
    Because the price difference is actually quite big, for Samsung galaxy S, some of them can cost you 9 at full retail price. It is quite a big gap with Samsung galaxy indulge from metro pcs that only cost you around 9. 0 difference is quite big to ignore, so they need to cut some features from the original phones to cut the production cost. So it is quite a big step from metro pcs last year when they start to offer their 4G LTE Smartphone and provide 4G coverage in some district in US.

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