4 Pics 1 Song Answers Level 3 4 5

Still addicted with 4 pics 1 song games here it is the answers for level 3 4 and 5 we found that some stages is not easy to solve so we create the cheats for 4 pics 1 song game use this cheats only when you stuck at difficult level so after use this solutions you can continue playing this amazing game that created by game circus LLC, Not all player need to use cheats when stuck you can use anagram solver, or other word solver software that can be downloaded at cnet or sourceforge.

Level 3

santa, family, kids : ho hey sky, fall, forest, : skyfall wonder girl, drum, speaker, violin : super bass bait, plane, stingray : fly
psy : gangnam style kids jump, play : jump around zebra, coins, piano, cow: black or white beach, sunset : paradise
car crash, man, guitar : crash into me 3 letters: dog, backhoe : dig 5 letters : poison, lance, biohazard : toxic 9 letters : hug, cell phone : bye bye bye
paper plane 8 letters : fire, man work : firework zombie cake, wedding : white wedding

Level 4

rainbow, lemon tea : color fire, coat : fire and rain superhero, superman : hero button, cat, doll : button
cards, tie, bow : suit & tie diamonds uk, phone, london : london calling space, hole, sun : black hole sun
pink girl, pink car, flower : pink cadillac dream, switch on : dream on cherry, chart, food : cherry pie push car, push cart : push in
brain, food, cook brain : brain stew 4 letters : flower, eye :  irish family, boxing, button : fight the power turn way, turn sign, wheel : turn turn turn

Level 5

phone, call : call me lean, pisa, man : lean on me boxer, gloves, dog : the boxer male, in box, chain : man in the box
king, queen, chess : kings & queens slide ship, sale, save 20% : sail caution, sign, dance : safety dance
man, alien : man in black guerilla, radio, hunter : guerilla radio fire couple, heart, shack : love shack
warrior, truck, night, box : night move purple umbrella, frog : purple rain tears, cry, heaven : tears in heaven salute, sing, Franklin : respect

4 pics 1 song answers level 3 4 5 completed, another level available here just use our search form to change level, we will update this cheats until we reach the last game. Please share this game with your friends so you can compete with them if they also play this 4 pics 1 song game. This solutions created using Samsung galaxy and adobe photoshop.

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