2 Pics 1 Word: Mix Pics Puzzle Answers Level 1 – 40

2 pics 1 word is android word game, how to play this game is very simple look at the two picture than guess an answers by combining the object shown on the screen. This game very addicting just like play a brain teaser game you need to think the combined words. If you new with puzzles game or scrabble game then you need a guide or walkthrough to complete difficult a level, below is the list answer from level 1 to level 40.

level 1: horse and shoe level 2: food and cake level 3: gold and moon level 4: beach and mill
level 5: foot and stairs level 6: head and bulb level 7: cup and spoon level 8: moon and light
level 9: fireworks and tree level 10: can and cherry level 11: book and case level 12: kite and mailbox
level 13: girl and soil level 14: hand and bag level 15: bee and avocado level 16: lamp and lake
level 17: bones and fire level 18: pills and beach level 19: bread and fly level 20: card and sand
level 21: foot and tesla coil level 22: chair and man face level 23: baby and chair level 24: treasure and nut
level 25: fruit basket and ball level 26: hair and bat level 27: rose and hive level 28: corn and cow doll
level 29: eye and bottle level 30: deer and finger hold wheat level 31: cap and man level 32: court and yard
level 33: tea and spoon level 34: red cross and road level 35: cup cake and board level 36: ear and ring
level 37: dollar and lion level 38: cart and mountain level 39: bag and gauge level 40: honey and hair

2 pics 1 word answers level 1 to 40 completed, this game created by Second Gear Games for android and may be also available at itunes. This game developer also have several free addicting game and you can find it at the Google Play.

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