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Update 100 rooms walkthrough solution for level 8 to level 12, to pass this level you need to trial and error and try to tap suspicious object but don’t worry if you stuck and cannot find any clue to solve this level we already create walkthrough to help you solve this game.


100 rooms walkthrough solution level 8: tap pencil and paper on the table, tap hook under white sofa, use pencil and paper at picture frame above sofa, open window using hook then pick a screwdriver back to the table open  the bolt using screwdriver open safe deposit box with the code in the sketch 592351 tap key use it to open doors.


100 rooms walkthrough solution level 9: pick iron stick behind the heater, tap the box beside bookshelf, tap safe deposit above the bookshelf, tap Green Red Red Blue Green Blue Red to open it, pick hook then tap iron stick two times then tap hook this will combine stick with hook. use long hook to pick key inside green tank, use the key to open door.


100 rooms walkthrough solution level 10: tap a handle at pile of books under the table, pick a lockpick at the chair combine it with the handle, pick a flashlight in the drawer then pick a bulb above the sofa, combine it with flashlight, use flashlight under the sofa you will see number 491777, use this code to open the door.


100 rooms walkthrough solution level 11: pick coin beside safe deposit box, pick spray bottle at the trash can, zoom in the cake pick a knife and spoon beside the cake. zoom spoon in your inventory put a coin on it then use the spoon with a coin on candle, use spray bottle to the candle it will show a number 451279 use this code to open safe deposit box. pick a key mold back to cake use knife to pick another key mold, then combine it with first key mold, use the spoon combine with key mold you will get a key use it to open doors.

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100 rooms walkthrough solution level 12: Tap the hole pick a rubber, underneath sink pick wood stick, right the sink there’s cabinet pick bluebook see the clue how to use hammer, pick a hammer beside safe deposit box. combine rubber with wood stick you got a plunger, use it at sink you’ll found a first key go to bathtub zoom in, use hammer to hit ceramics beside bathtub see picture 7. hit blue three times, green 2 times, red four times  in here you will get the second key use it to open safe deposit box, you’ll get key inside deposit box use it to open door.

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