100 Rooms Walkthrough Level 31 32 33 34 35

update for 100 rooms walkthrough level 31 32 33 34 35, this is the simple solution completing puzzle game like 100 rooms, when you stuck at one level you can use this walkthrough to get the solution and continue to higher level, this game developed by mpi games and every weeks there is update for new level you can check the update when open Google play launcher.

100 rooms walkthrough level 31:Pick up twig/branch see picture (1), pick up a cake near table (2) give the cake to horse then tap it, pick up the horse tail combine it with branch  become a bow(5) put the bow at violin then pick up a key at picture (7) use this key to open door.

100 rooms walkthrough level 32: Pick up screwdriver use the screwdriver to pick clamp curtains then use this clamp to hold wooden panel (3) tap all switch to top then tap again switch until the position like preview 4 (green light turn on) pick up book near window to get the clue, go to door then tap square from 1 to 4.

100 rooms walkthrough level 33:Pick up stick beside the door, pick up 6 bottles and the last with key inside, fill the bottle with water then put the bottle with key in freezer, open freezer you got a key use this key open wooden box you will get knife use knife cut vine, use knife to sharpen stick (7) put this stick at the small hole beside the freezer (8) put 3 bottles with water to the scale (8) secret box opened (10) use vine to pull doors open.

100 rooms walkthrough level  34: Pick up handle on the door, pick up screwdriver then combine with the handle, go to table pick up handsaw handle and pick some bolt screws using screwdriver, pick up saw blade behind the well now combine it all to make handsaw, use hand saw to cut wood (7) and put above well, at bottom right well pick up a handle combine with wood, pick up cord (9) put on the wood with handle then turn it, bucket will up. pick up key inside bucket and use open lock at the door.

100 Rooms Walkthrough Level 31 32 33 34 35

100 rooms walkthrough level  35: Pick up towel, pick up glass ball you will get magic lamp and plus pressing tool, combine towel with magic lamp you get a genie, tap 3 hanging lamp then you will se man, earth, space ship go to computer tap man, earth, space ship you will get screwdriver and blueprint, tap genie then tap blueprint do it twice until you get button 5 and 7, go to door use the plus pressing tool on top then press red button, put  5 and 7 button and slide handle right then tap 957 do it quickly. door open

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