100 Rooms Walkthrough level 15 16 17 18 19 20

still interested with this 100 doors walkthrough? this game is very challenging mostly for the puzzle game lover, now we still on level 20 and will be find the solution for level 21 and other higher level for you which can’t pass any level at 100 rooms game.

 100 rooms walkthrough level 15
the solutions 100 Rooms level 15: count the white item and black item. white item = 22 and black item 16 sum = 38 ( grey the door ) the code is black grey white : 22 38 16.

solutions 100 Rooms level 16: as you can see there is 4 clue to solve level 16 the first is paper show number 50, stop watch point at 40, ruler show red number 60, and clock direction. so to solve this level is simple, tap left to 50, tap right to 40, tap left to 60, tap right to 40. done the door open.

solutions 100 Rooms level 17: imagine the painting position change according to the arrow and the result will be related with button. tap ball, bone, stone, sun, leaf, snow symbol.

100 Rooms walkthrough level 18: you got a paper with a zodiac symbol to know the number you can check it at the clock sagitarius:1 taurus:8 aquarius:11 pisces:10 cancer:6 = 1811101 key to open safety box. you got another paper code to unlock the door  see the picture above the code is :0, 5, blank right, 12, 2, blank left. 

100 Rooms walkthrough level 19: the clue is ( East down, South, West, North up) your job choose animal on that location, see maps. so the right answer for level 19 is: Bison, Rhino, Kangaroo, Panda, Penguin, Snake.

100 Rooms walkthrough level 20: pick the puzzle images start from a to p then put the puzzle image follow the alphabet. the doors will open and you can go to next level 21.

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