100 Rooms Walkthrough Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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100 rooms walkthrough help you to solve this amazing puzzle game, from the developer of 100 door which very exciting now MPI developed a new idea of brain teasers game. is not easy to complete 100 doors you must try tap at all catchy object to get a clue, with this 100 rooms walkthrough i will guide you to complete 100 rooms in all level.

100 Rooms Walkthrough Level 1


– tap on the flower vase in the window. Tap again to move it and get the door’s lock – tap on the desk. tap middle drawer and get the handle. – double tap handle then combine with the lock to make 1 item

– go to door, use the handle to open.

100 Rooms Walkthrough Level 2


– Tap twice on the window & get the handle on the drapes – Take the small wooden handle from the bottom shelf. – On the flower pick up a saw.

– Tap twice handle then tap the saw, now tap the wooden then tap the hand saw. Use it to cut lock on the door.

100 Rooms Walkthrough Level 3


– at the window pick a knife – tap on the trash can pick the brown carton. Use knife to open carton – tap the chair it move to the middle. – Use neon put above the chair it will show a number 783461

– Use this number to open the door lock code

100 Rooms Walkthrough Level 4


– tap axe above the door. – tap power plug near window. – attach plug to the socket. – tap the hot water – code will show at the mirror (514796) – use axe to remove wood on the wall. use code to open safe deposit box pick keys

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– use key to open doors.

100 Rooms Walkthrough Level 5


– see code on the painting  2045 – open the window.tap the duck 2 yellow, 4 green, 5 if correct box will appear tap box and pick hammer – use the hammer on the glass table. tap the piece of glass. – use the piece of glass on the painting.

– at the door and tap the N letter above. Then tap left once, right three times and left twice.

100 Rooms Walkthrough Level 6


– tap bucket, zoom out then tap on right pipes. Use water to fill the pipe to makes key up then tap key. – tap plank with code (41423) – zoom in on the bookshelf, tap book on the circle – open drawers in front of bookshelf tap BABCD see picture above.

– Go to the painting. Put the teddy bear in the painting and use the key to open, pick the key inside and use it to open door.

100 Rooms Walkthrough Level 7


– tap safe deposit box on the table use the code 981471 pick up the pliers – in the bookshelf, zoom in it and use pliers to cut the wire. then use the pliers to make wire like a hook.

– on the mail box use the hook to pick a key inside mail box then use it open door.

that’s 100 rooms walkthrough for now if you want to get update level 8, 9, 10, 11 ,12 please bookmark levelstuck.com