100 Rooms Solutions level 13 and level 14

Confuse with 100 rooms puzzle game? me too..  try every thing possible to solve this game level, we find clue by trial and error, sometimes it’s need a lot of time but when we got the clue and solve one game level that is very very satisfying and that’s why we always continue to play 100 rooms and find solutions and compile it into this walkthrough.

100 Rooms Solutions level 13 and level 14

100 rooms level / nivel 13: tap start from paint with number 1 to 12

100 Rooms Solutions level 13 and level 14

100 rooms level / nivel 14: Y = 9 (count the cup) | x = 100 (formulation 25 banana * 4 apple = X) so to complete the result X must be 100 => tap 9, tap blank square, tap 9,  tap +, tap 9, tap /, tap 9.

if you already pass level 15 or higher level please write a comment below with the clue for next level we will share it with other 100 rooms player.

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