100 Escapers Walkthrough Level 26 27

06.03.2016 Off By admin

100 Escapers just updated again, this game now have 31 level and now we create walkthrough for level 26 and 27 this level is not to difficult we can get all solution in 2-3 minutes, not like some previous level in this 100 escapers game update this two level easy to solve, but if can’t find the clue and stuck just see this walkthrough then you will complete this level faster.


Level 26:

1. pick up screwdriver below drawer and dog food inside left drawer 2. go to the trash beside safes and pickup shredded paper and glue inside trash then combine this two object this become piece paper 3. pick up binocular at wall shelf, then use screwdriver to binocular you will have lens

4. combine lens with microscope on the desk and put paper to the microscope you will see number 5489 use this number to open safe and pick up old can opener

5. use old can opener to open dog food then put it into dog bowl  

6. pick up key below dog use this key to open door.


Level 27:

1. pick up lighter, gas lighter fluid, 3 iron rod and blower 2. pick up old pickaxe at fireplace then use it to dig coal 5-6 times you will found 3 paper 3. put coal, gas lighter fluid, lighter, blower, and  then 3 iron rod at the fireplace. 4. combine 3 iron rod with 3 paper then put to anvil one by one you will have 1 triangle  1 square and 1 pentagon rod

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5. go to round door put all iron rod according to the shape and door will open.