100 Dungeons Doors Escape Walkthrough Level 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

A new escape game named 100 dungeons doors escape already completed and this is the walkthrough for you which cannot find a way to open a door in this game, this game getting harder in every level so don’t be surprised if you can easily pass level 1 2 3 4 but need trial and error on other level, to solve 22 level in this game took more than 20 minute using our galaxy tab, we know there’s a lot player that can complete this game faster than us. Below is the solutions for 100 dungeons if you stuck in this game.

Level 1 : tap door

Level 2 : pick up key, use to open pad lock

Level 3 : slide bar left and right

Level 4 : tap painting, and pick up key, use it to open pad lock

Level 5 : tap stone to move it, tap hidden button

Level 6 : shake phone to turnoff fire

Level 7 : pick up hammer then use it to hit door

Level 8 : tilt phone upside down to move skull

Level 9 : tap bar to remove it

Level 10 : use head statue to push button

Level 11 : count the red, orange, blue, purple flower to get the answers

Level 12 : shake phone then rearrange candle see preview above , pick up key and sue it to open lock pad

Level 13 : tap button start from 1 to 4

Level 14 : tap handle then pick up torch use it to burn black box

Level 15 : arrange mask color same with paint, see preview above

Level 16 : slide down chain, then tap handle

Level 17 : move skull up then tap stone to move it, then tap button behind stone

Level 18 : tap leaf above door, then put red diamond at left hole and blue at right hole

Level 29 : slide board down, pick up key and use to open lockpad

Level 20 : complete this simple puzzle the open door

Level 21 : pick up left and right door, then put on right place

Level 22 : tap diamond start from 1 to 5

100 dungeons walkthrough level 1 to 22 completed, if you already complete level 22 and above please share your result at our facebook page, because i think i can’t solve level 23 ( try tap the star size changed but still not understand how to solve it ). Share this post or game with other puzzles game lover it’s very appreciated.

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