100 Doors RUNAWAY Level 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 Walkthrough

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After several weeks without 100 doors runaway walkthrough finally today, i can post a solutions for this addicting puzzles game, at this update there’s 12 level available to play we didn’t found a difficult level this time and we want more level to play because 12 level is too little for us. we hope next week the developer will add more than 20 level in each update, ok lets check our solutions.


level 51 : pick up bulb at box and put above the door then turn on the bulb using switch above the trash,
bulb will lights up start from left to right if there’s bulb off before the last lights on pick it and put in the trash and change with new bulb until all lights on


level 52: pick up shovel and use it to dig soil on the right, put soil on the bucket then dig again to get seed then put seed into bucket touch water tap several time until it grow a tree from bucket.


level 53: match the left shape with left door and right shape with right door.


level 54: remove the air filter on the left and right wall so you can see the number 1 59 7, use this number to open door.


level 55: move the trash then pick up paint scrapper, use it at bottom left wallpaper until you can see a number 5981 use this number to open door.


level 56: shake your phone and a key will drop, use key to open box pick up screwdriver and crowbar now use screwdriver to open all bolt at left and right side door and use crowbar to remove all nail at top and then use it to remove all wall.

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level 57: pick up tube glass at left side door now see at right there’s 4 racks from the top 1 2 3 4, put 1st liquid into the bottle twice, 2nd liquid 1 time, 3rd liquid 4 times, 4th liquid 3 times, shake your phone then put yellow liquid in bottle into tube and use this liquid at the padlock.


level 58: pick up mop and cloth then wash mop and cloth with water in bucket, use mop to clean floor and cloth to clean door ( rub door using cloth not tap tap tap)


level 59: find the difference numbers in each row. first : 1 3 5 7 9 = +2, 2nd row +4, 3rd row +1, 4th row +3 so we found 2413 use this number to open door.


level 60: see the picture above there 4 step to win this level. set the position then tap start


level 61: pick up pickaxe and use it to break rock at bottom left until you got blue, green and red diamond. now put blue at top hole and see number on the floor do with the other diamond so you got number 7 45 8 use this number to open door.


level 62: pick up 3 bulb, put 1 bulb at top right then pull chain 1 time, put bulb at middle and pull chain 1 time, put bulb at top left the door opened.

100 doors runaway solutions completed, please wait for next update at Friday next, you can help others to win this game by share your result at our Facebook pages or share this page using Facebook and twitter.

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