100 Doors Escape Walkthrough Level 1 - 35

100 doors escape walkthrough for level 1 to 35 a simple solution to help player win this game in just few minutes. This is a new remake puzzle game which created by mpi games for android, some puzzle seems ever used in 100 doors and they add more puzzle with better graphic quality. Just like other doors game mpi create this game with short game play in each level even you can solve some level less than 3 second if you know the tricks

Level 1 : tap up button

Level 2 : tap painting, pick up key

Level 3 : top left and 2nd right egg

Level 4 : use torch to burn wood, balance cart at the middle for 10 second

Level 5 : pick up fish, slide door left, feed bear

Level 6 : slide red and blue ball up at same time

Level 7 : shake phone, pick up stone, use stone to move lever

Level 8 : tap handle at same time

Level 9 : tap color white (on wall) purple, blue, yellow,  orange, red

Level 10 : use stone to break glass, use axe to cut wire, tap button LRRLLRLR

Level 11 : insert number 10120 to open door

Level 12 : tap 22 8 and 14

Level 13 : tap 1 eight times

Level 14 : put bulb into housing then tap switch 4 times

Level 15 : cut chain using pliers then shake phone until plank fall

Level 16 : tilt phone upside down, wait until door open

Level 17 : match color left red blue green, right green red blue ( top to bottom)

Level 18 : tilt phone fast : left right right right left right, restart if unsuccessful

Level 19 : tap word open the door

Level 20 : tap image which appear on the middle

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