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MPI games just launch their new puzzles game this is it 100 doors beta 2 walkthrough for level 1 to 20. All cheats created in easy step by step walkthrough, so even if you’re new in puzzle game you will be easy to understand and solve  this game fast. Available in 36 level and each level contains a fresh challenge and don’t worry this game will be a good brain teaser for whole family.

level 1. tap green button, tap padlock.

level 2. move ball to left and right button.

level 3. tilt phone upside down then shake it.

level 4. insert 5127 to open door.

level 5. pick up handle put at left hole then tap it.

level 6. pick up knife then use to cut rope, box fall then pick up key and use it open door.

level 7. count blue shape, red shape, green shape, orange shape  = 3617. use this code to open door.

level 8. tilt left then lock the left bar, tilt right then lock right bar, door open.

level 9. tap and hold two finger scan wait until one clock rotation.

level 10. tap : bottom left, bottom right, top left, top right, bottom left, middle right, top left, bottom right, bottom left, middle right.

level 11. make all blue point facing to top : bottom left, top right, bottom right, bottom right, bottom right.

level 12. tilt android left then pick up crowbar, use it to open all board.

level 13. pick up wood and then put inside oven, close it then tap wheel wait until you can see green button then tap it.

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level 14. pick up pliers, then use it to cut padlock, open panel then tap button.

level 15. slide left door left, slide right door left, slide left door down, slide left door right, slide right door down, slide left door up slide right door down, slide right door right.

level 16. tap letters K-E-Y.

level 17. make the ball stand above button until full bar.

level 18. you must set load position same with preview above.

level 19. tap fly then count how many move in one tap, start from top left : 4643 use this code to open door.

level 20. count how many wheel in each object ( from the lowest to highest ) 0422 use this code to open door.

More walkthrough for 100 doors beta 2 available at different pages, find it at the related post below or using search form at the top right. If you know other new good game that we didn’t play just send message to our facebook so we can try it and share the result here as a newbie we must help each other right :).