100 Doors 2014 Walkthrough Level 21 22 23 24 25 26

This is it last six update for 100 doors 2014 walkthrough for this week, we must wait until developer add more level in next few days,  this level more difficult than 20 before because there‚Äôs less clue to solve, we hope in next update developer will give more clue at each level to make us easier to solve :P.

Level 21: count dots on floor, object inside painting, books and look at the clock, insert this number to code pad 3432.


Level 22: shake your phone to remove ball, look at the left clock, door number, and right clock, 1158 use this code to open door.

Level 23: tilt your phone upside down to see clue, W C G P P G. W = wilson, C = clock, G = guitar, P = painting, now tap wilson, clock, guitar, painting, painting, guitar.

Level 24: tilt phone to move floor mat then slide it to the dot, tilt phone to move painting then slide it to the dot.

Level 25: count white ball : 12, alphabetical order for C = 3, F = 6. use 1236 to open door.

Level 26: tap button and remember which light up then sum it, first button 2+1+3 = 6, second button 3+2 = 5, third button 4+4 = 8, fourth  button 1+1+4+1 = 7, now use code 6587 to open door.

still challenged to play more level? please wait few days until this game update or play another brain teaser / puzzle game like 100 doors 2013, doors&room, 100 Christmas gifts.

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