100 Doors 2013 Walkthrough Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

100 Doors 2013 just released by Gipnetix game, this game just like 100 floors or 100 Dooors, we already try this game and make us addicted, with the simple level to solve and good graphic we can play 100 doors 2013 with galaxy mini very smooth, this game have a good compability with our device and may be will be more-more better if we install 100 doors 2013 in the android tablet or phone with bigger screen. So This is the 100 doors 2013 walkthrough and solution.

Level 1: tap green button

Level 2: Tilt phone upside down the ball will move and touch the red button

Level 3: pick up the ball then put the ball at the vertical line, tilt phone upside down

Level 4: Face down your phone ball and key will fall, pick up key and use to open door

Level 5: Slide stick left then slide rope down

Level 6: Open using key code 3355

Level 7: Pick up card then insert to card reader

Level 8: Pick up axe use it to open board, pick up ball and put ball above the door (4), tilt your phone left

Level 9: tilt phone right and left the door will open

Level 10: Key Code 15354

That’s all walkthrough for 100 doors 2013, we will update next level in few hours so bookmark this web to get latest solution.

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