100 Doors 2 Level 76 77 78 79 80

Today i just want to continue creating 100 doors 2 walkthrough for level 76 to 80, actually this game already reach 100 level but we just update and open it today so this is little bit late but we hope this walkthrough still useful for new player that just reach this level today. Just like other game at early level are very easy then getting harder and harder to solve that’s why we create this guide.

100 door 2 level 76 : tap number 2, tap number 3 pick up tool box and fluorescent light, tap number 2 use tool to open left ceiling then put fluorescent light and close it, tap number 3 then tap handle, tap number 2 then pick up crowbar, tap number 1 then use crowbar to hit bricks wall.

100 door 2 level 77 : slide ball to hit padlock until its open then open basement door / bunker, pick up key and open door.

100 door 2 level 78 : you should move the ball into the hole at top right = red : R R R, green : R R, red : U U, Blue : L L U, red : U, green : R R ( R = right, U = Up, L = left ).

100 door 2 level 79 : pick up cotton (grey) and match ( behind bag) on the floor, tap right hand of the skeleton, put  cotton on the bone, tilt phone right pick up bottle then use it at the bone, use match to burn bone and cotton, now use burned bone to remove spider web at the blue button then tap it.

100 door 2 level 80 : pick up shovel use to pick up coal move coal in front of stove, then open stove and insert coal, tap red wheel.

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