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This is 100 crypts walkthrough a new puzzle game created by developer 100 gates, this is a new challenging puzzles game which each level have a different difficulties start from the easier to hard not like another game that sometimes become easier at higher level. we create this solution to help new puzzle game player, because we know if you ever play another brainteaser or puzzle game it’s will be easy to complete this 100 crypts.


Level 1: Tap door to open.


Level 2: pick up key to open padlock.


Level 3: tap door latch to open door.


Level 4: shake your phone to make painting drop then pick up key and use it to open door.


Level 5: tap rock several times to move it then tap button behind.


Level 6: shake your phone to turn off fire and tap door.


Level 7: pick up hammer and use it to break door.


Level 8: turn your phone upside down to move fireball up.


Level 9: tap all grey bar start from 1 to 6 to make it changed to green.


Level 10: tilt phone right to make book touch the red button.


Level 11: count the flower with the same color, red 4, pink 4, purple 4, yellow/green 3, now change the fan blade number according to the color, see preview above.


Level 12: shake your phone to make candle drop then slide candle to right place, one candle to number I, 2 candle to number II, 3 candle to number III.


Level 13: tap symbol on the chair start from 1 to 4, see clue at bottom chair.

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Level 14: hold handle until box down, then pick up chandelier and put it on the box.


Level 15: tap symbol to change color into red yellow orange blue and green, see clue on the wall.

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