Word Market Answers Level 3

Word market answers level 3 a game by second gear games for android and iphone OS. I guess this is the sequel of word sweet game which already published few month ago, but they have a reason why change the game name to word market. This game isn’t difficult but sometimes there’s one difficult word that not easy to guess without using an answers from us.
Word market become easier if you play it with your friend or family so please share this game or ask other to play it, if you having difficulties with some level and cannot find the answers here please leave a message at our facebook fan page we will try to find the correct answers for you.
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Word Market Level 3

1. am arm mar ark mark ram
2. so sob boss sobs sos
3. in rig gin ring grin
4. cap map cam camp amp
5. to toe vet vote veto
6. ad at tad eat ate date tea
7. an in pan pin nap pain nip
8. or on no orb rob nor born bro
9. is rik irks sir risk ski
10. so to cot cost scot cots

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