What’s the Movie Answers – Guess the Pic Word Game Level 21 – 40

We decide to continue create what’s the movie answers for level 21 to 40, why we only create 20 level in each update for this game because this is not a easy game that we can use software or Google images to find solutions, in this game you cannot restart the game and compare the letters to eliminate unused letter because letter only change position 🙂

blue animal long ear : lilo and stitch skull red eye : terminator panda red background : kung fu panda
smoke pipe : sherlock holmes stick round eye glass scratch in face : harry potter sword  : gladiator
blue shirt long ear : star trek pyramids : mummy sunsets : lion king
green shirt shoe : elf black hair smoking : grease yellow head : simpsons movie
spinning object : inception green one eye creature : monster inc blue face green eye : avatar
green three eye : toy story bear : ted white suit red shirt : scarface
super hero letter I : incredibles green letter falling : matrix

What’s the movie answers for level 1 – 40 completed, if you need higher level solutions please upload a screenshot and upload to our Facebook page, we will try to help find the answers for you.

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