One Clue Answers Level 241 to 280

After few days without new post now we want to share our one clue answers for level 241 to 280 or 40 level every level in this post very fun and challenging sometimes we can solve it easily but some level need other apps to solve, if you want to use this apps you can download it directly at google play and itunes with keyword word solver or anagram solver but not all answers can be solve using this apps.

gandalf or harry potter : wizard where the heat is : home sliperry when wet : soap exercise class : aerobics
two wheeler : bicycle argentinian dance : tango paul bunyon tool : axe where the clouds play : sky
sweet treat : candy magical chocolate maker : wonka squeezed fruit extract : juice play locale : theater
hydrated raisin : grape they hate dogs : cats astaire or santa’s deer : dance farm’s alarm clock : rooster
make good neighbors : fences flick in the dark : movie shopping  find : bargain tubed pasta : macaroni
great ape : king kong pull one out of a hat : rabbit he never grew up : peterpan works at city hall : mayor
was once a planet : pluto plain tasting donut : bagel royal cat : lion show a lot of teeth : smile
fast growing plant : bamboo cold region : arctic japanese martial art : karate chest cover : shirt
organ for food : stomach a heavy weight : dumbbell coffee alternative : tea red in the face : blush
record player : deejay blackboard writing utensil : chalk egyptian wonder : pyramid flapjacks : pancake

One clue answers level 1 to 280 just completed in this website don’t worry we will continue create cheats for this game until there’s no more update available. If you stuck and cannot found the answers in this post you can use search engine to find the answers by typing the clue and add google or bing will find it for you.

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