One Clue Answers Level 121 to 160

We just complete new 40 level in one clue games, our answers listed below and you can use this solutions to complete a difficult question. One clue is a simple game just like playing a crossword game you must answers a question, riddle with a very little clue but his game easier than a newspaper crossword because they inform you the first letter and simple clue.

baby frog : tadpole city for a gondola ride : venice ugly duckling : swan deadly substance : poison
brad’s companion : angelina morning starter : coffee holds things together : glue busy one : beaver
feet warmer : socks place for loose change or key : pocket keeps you in shape : exercise home for queen : palace
big ben locale : london hitting fuzzy balls : tennis german folk dance : polka lobsterman’s concern : pinch
accident prone : careless popeye’s favorite food : spinach popeye’s tatto : anchor weapon of choice : sword
coat for animal : fur drink holder : cup 70% of the earth : water sin city : vegas
sauron’s obsession : ring crustacean pincher : lobster pencil corrector : eraser 10 years : decade
last meal of the day : dinner makes you laugh : tickle where things are made : factory hand connection : wrist
closest star to earth : sun red light : stop pick it up slow pokes : pace cute masked bandit : raccoon
singing play : opera school yard fun time : recess beautiful part of a plant : flower pearl maker : oyster

wow we just complete 160 level in one clue game, we hope you could solve better than this post. After solve this game you could share or help other player finish this game at our facebook page, more than 400 people discuss a new word game at our pages we hope you could join and share your knowledge.

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