Guess The 90’s Answers Level 141 – 160

This simple game become our favorite puzzles game, we has play guess the 90’s in last 3 hour and now time to share the answers to other player in levelstuck, but if you already solve all level in this game you can help new player solve the game at our facebook page and askmefast. Guess the 90s have a lot level to play this time they create 400 level and will be updated soon, not stop at 400 or create different episode like guess the 70s, 80s, 01s and many more, just update this game and we’re happy.

141 : forrest gump 142 : smash mouth 143 : clueless 144 : dunkaroos
145 : uncle jesse 146 : world wide web 147 : the x files 148 : 2pac
149 : jerry mcguire 150 : freddie prinze jr 151 : dodge viper 152 : mark mcgwire
153 : kurt cobain 154 : bill clinton 155 : laptop 156 : chandler bing
157 : limp bizkit 158 : josta 159 : jumanji 160 : mortal kombat

Share our guess the 90’s answers using facebook and twitter to help other player win when they stuck. To use less internet quota when using this cheats you can disable images and just read the text above, this site will be load faster and keep your bandwidth but if you want to see the picture and text use unlimited internet quota or wifi connection.

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