Emoji Pop Level 8 – 9 for Android and iOS

Emoji pop level 8 and 9 answers, we still want to complete all level in this game because we get a lot question about at our Facebook page if you play using ipad or iphone there’s 15 level available to play but if you use android you must wait few days to get the latest update. This solutions create for all player which cannot solve a level in emoji pop use only when you have no idea with the answers.

Answers Level 8

club and capsule : club med orange strawberry pineapple fist : fruit punch drive license gun skull : license to kill run arrow gas : run out of gas
clock and coffee : afternoon tea ball and elbow : tennis elbow toa and music note : sound of music wheel and money sack : wheel of fortune
eye and note : itunes fishing and moon : dream work cat and zzz : cat nap injections tomato and juice : bloody mary
horse and elbow : horsepower princess and frog : princess and the frog girl night and arrow : girls night out sunshine and date 17 : brighter day
finger down and earth : down to earth no sound and night : silent night cigarette and eye : Smokey eyes uk flag and ball : Wimbledon
tiger and shrimp : tiger prawn angel and money : angel investor clock rocket and clock : time travel car and swim : carpool
3 baby and building : kinder garten watch and dog : watch dog two hands and wire : waiting in line skull and eye : death stare
punch blast and club : fight club lemon and car : lemon car snake plus and track : lizard alien and rocket : ufo
bell and wire : bell curve lip talk and ear : secret plane us flag and number 1 : air force one 2 finger and dancer : victory dance
recycle and paper : recycle paper goat and drink : goat tes teddy and fire : bear grylls pen and two boy : pen pals

Answers Level 9

microscope and two mice : lab rats padlock and tub : locked out ice flakes and baby : ice ice baby fire and basket ball : miami heat
fire and mail box : hotmail coffee and heart break : coffee break lucky leaf and star : lucky star sad face and scare face : tears for fears
angel heart and arrow : cupid note and book : notebook cat and boot : puzz in boots bird and air filter mask : bird flu
plane and eye : plain sight frog and crown : frog prince happy face and bride : happy married drink and party : cocktail party
leaf and hog : Canadian bacon girl apple and snake : eve ice and truck : ice cream truck clock and plane : time flies
question and watch : a question of time forbidden eye and pallet : color blinded grandpa man and ghost : holy trinity girl pallet dragon and elbow : girl with the dragon tattoo
rocket and gas : rocket fuel cloud angel cloud : heaven couple arrow man and woman : divorce sun and battery : solar power
cross hand forbidden and note : don’t stop the music paper and knife : paper cut bank and gun : bank robbery panda and eye : panda eyes
France flag and snail : escargot bike and elbow : lance armstrong bike and France flag : tour de france forbidden and zzz : insomnia
Italy flag car and money sack : italian job home and bride : housewife air filter mask and leaf : sick leave chocolate pacifier and hand shake : chocolate milkshake

This is the last level for the android version, but for iOS there’s 6 level available to play so we will create next level cheats using our ipod touch.

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