Clue Pics Answers Level 296 297 298 299 300

we just want to add small update for clue pics answers, this is because we must wait the game update before we can play next puzzle. To reach 300 level in this game are not easy for us it needs extra effort, but its paid with out website visitor respond they’re happy with this post and want to continue playing after stuck in several level. Below is the cheats that you looking for, use it when no other option to win this level.

296: bad debts 297: cristiano ronaldo 298: south of the border 299: missing in action
300: the hills have eyes

We still want to play more but no other puzzle available today, but don’t worry in next few days appdreamz will add more level. If you have iphone or ipad you can play game similar with this but have different name : hollow words, same concept but different developer, stuck and need a solutions find it on this website.

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