A Guess The Celebrity Quiz Trivia Answers Level 1

Guess Celeb answers level 1 contains 15 stage, how to play guess celeb is simple guess the celeb caricature that show on your screen using scrambled letters below the picture, cannot guess the celeb? don’t worry because you can use your credits to skip level, show a letters or remove 3 wrong letters. We found a lot game similar with this but the differences is another game use real picture so it will be easier to guess. But we doesn’t say this game difficult to solve because all caricature created in good quality and very close with the real photos.

Angelina Jolie Austin Powers Bill Murray Brad Pitt
Britney Spears Bruce Willis Charlie Sheen Clint Eastwood
Elijah Wood Elvis Presley Eminem Harrison Ford
Hugh Aurie Hugh Jackman Hugo Weaving

Actually we want to solve until level 2 but, this game stopped at level 15 and when we try to restart this game wont play anymore at our ipod touch, so we must wait the next update before this bug fixed.

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