100 Rooms Walkthrough level 21 22 23 24

Confuse with 100 rooms games but still want to play it? when you see this 100 rooms walkthrough you can get all the solutions to win this level and continue to higher level. this game makes me addicted because i can play this game on my android phone smooth and easy i can play it all day, find a clue and solution to make this walkthrough, please bookmark this page to get latest update.

100 Rooms Walkthrough level 21:pick all item as you can see above there is 7 item

1. combine matches + knife + white powder the result explosive powder.
2. combine wood rolling + knife + metal + wire + matches + marbles + explosive powder use the result to open door.

100 Rooms Walkthrough level 22: divide all number with 2 pick integer which is 2 and 4 count object on this room there is 4. sun and moon it’s mean 12 hour. count seagull (10) and fish (21) then total of fish subtract with total seagull = 11. when you combine all number follow the arrow given you got 244121011 use this to open the door.

100 Rooms Walkthrough level 23: the beatles beside raccoon you can see 8 so 8×3 = 24. count the chair at blueprint map there is 43, count the raccoon there is 38. To open the door tap 244338.

100 Rooms Walkthrough level 24: to solve this level pick a bottle and bottle opener pick a paper inside the bottle you got the number 176298 because game reversed tap the number 892671 the door will open.

that’s the 100 rooms walkthrough update for today, bookmark this website to get latest walkthrough / solution for another nivel / level.

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