100 Doors 2013 Walkthrough Level 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119

Finally this is the 100 doors 2013 update, after waiting more than 2 weeks this addicting game updated but there’s something different with this update the developer create more easy and fun level this level still possible to solve with they add more clue in each level to make  you understand how to solve the puzzles. Gipnetix promise now will be no more stupid level :P.

Level 111: tilt phone left until you see puck on the floor, pick up hockey stick hit puck, use number shown above goal to the door.

Level 112: see clue above door, add number 12641 and 85328 = 97969, use this number to open door.

Level 113: move red cable to electric box, green cable to bottom left clock, blue cable to the elevator button, now change each clock direction to connect red cable and green, see preview above.

Level 114: to pass this level is easy if you can play chess, but if you don’t this is the answer 683.

Level 115: above the door is tribonacci numbers X = 31, Z = 193, so the answer is 31193.

Level 116: the clue is on the chess board, see the weird blocks, now tap red dot’s on the wall one by one.

Level 117: slide peanut and milk to guard and he will go to toilet.

Level 118: see clue above door you must tap arrow and half circle according to the clue. see preview and tap follow the preview above.

Level 119: you must step horse to all block and remember the number 183492761, use this number to open door.

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